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Maintenance Tips

Dryer Tips

  • Clean out your lint screen after each load, also washer your screen monthly with warm soap water, dryer sheets can build up a film on the screen not allowing the air to flow through properly.
  • Once a month use your vacuum cleaner’s fine nozzle to suction the lint slot.
  • Once a year unplug the dryer, disconnect the vent tube and vacuum it out.
  • If your dryer doesn’t vent directly outside, call us for a quote to clean out the dryer vent piping.

Washer Tips

  • Be sure you are using the correct soap and the proper amounts.
  • Once a month, run an empty hot water wash to break down any built up residue.
  • Once a month, check your washing machine hoses for bulges or tears, especially at connection points where kinks can form and crack. Manufacturers suggest replacing hoses every three to five years, regardless of wear.

Dishwasher Tips

  • Load your dishwasher properly, run it only when you have a full load
  • Use only recommended amounts and types of detergents
  • Run an empty load with citric acid or glisten to clean stains periodically
  • Check hoses for cracking or leaks

Gas cooktops, ovens, ranges and stoves

  • Clean burner holes with a toothpick if they are getting plugged

All cooktops, ovens, ranges and stoves

  • Keep the oven, the burners and drip pans cleaned to help avoid a grease fire

Microwave Tips

  • Clean the interior often to help ensure good microwave oven performance

Venthood Tips

  • Clean the metal mesh filters often. These can retain grease and be a fire hazard. Use a degreaser and hot water to rinse it. Wipe off fan blades regularly
  • Change any activated charcoal or other filters as the manufacturer suggest.

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